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“I hired Rick to work directly for me at The Global TeleExchange (GTX). I was a young founder of the company and Rick was more experienced than me. Rick became my right hand man and I learned a lot from him in how to very quickly understand the needs of the other folks we were dealing with. Rick is the master of negotiating flexible and creative agreements. The result was that in a relatively short period of time we interconnected 150 telecom operators to our network and put in place a powerful web of alliances with other major players in the telecommunications industry. Rick has strong technical skills, financial skills, a massive global contact network and most of all creative business development skills. Life is too short to work with difficult personalities. Rick is also a fun guy to work with.”

Andrew Romans, Senior Management, The Global TeleExchange (GTX)

“Rick Nyman's native intelligence and business instincts are among the best I have seen. He has the drive and energy necessary to see complex projects through to completion, guiding teams and clients through the entire life cycle process, on time and within budget. Rick is both a team player and a dynamic leader, a professional who wins the respect of others through his knowledge, hard work and unwavering desire succeed.”

David Redberg, VP Engineering, The GTX

“I worked with Rick on various international ventures and M&A activities. Rick has rock solid technology knowledge with excellent business acumen. The business proposals he presented were easily implemented due to his attention to relevant detail, and grounded reality.”

Lee Vineberg, Director Network Planning & Provisioning, Broadwing

“Rick is someone I have known now for almost 5 years, and enjoy working with a great deal. He keeps people focused on the task at hand, sorts through the extraneous trivial matters, and helps get right to the point. He is very intelligent, strategic, and pragmatic.

I've enjoyed each interaction I've had with Rick, and he is someone I can turn to when a sounding board is needed, for everything from business strategy to personal life and career issues.

Rick is someone I highly recommend and respect a great deal.”

Brad Kent, Vice President, Account Strategy & Business Development, Freeman

“A multi-cultural, multi-talented, never say "It can't be done" leader who also happens to be a wonderful person to know and be with. A gentleman and businessman that I will always welcome to be on his or my team or anyone that is serious about quality, long term growth. I'll recommend him in a New York nanosecond.”

John W. Hopkins, VP Network Operations, Country Program Manager, Andrew Corporation

“Rick Nyman was a driving force behind our success in Russia. His ability to bridge the gap between what we needed and what the customer wanted enabled Andrew to create a unique and profitable venture in an extremely challenging situation.
When you send someone to an offshore assignment, you expect them to represent the company's interest. When you get a result that exceeds your expectations you are blessed. Rick delivered those exceptional results on a continuous basis in assignment after assignment.
I would not hesitate to recommend Rick for any situation where business acumen and managing difficult circumstances were required as he is genius in these areas. He delivered consistent on time results above expectations in difficult situations and times.” October 28, 2009

Jack Howe, Business Unit Manager, Andrew Corporation

“Rick and I worked together on various telecoms projects at MCI, until I left in 1991. As a non-technical senior manager of a non-technical staff, I was always impressed with Rick's patience in explaining the engineering and construction requirements of projects on which we worked. At MCI at the time, staffing was pretty lean, and without many layers of management to act as a buffer to our decisions. We all took responsibility for our decisions and our actions. Rick always stepped up to the plate.

The telecoms world has changed significantly since we worked together, but I believe that Rick's international and technical credentials, along with his broad corporate experience, will serve him well going forward. I wish him all the best. Larry Berent” October 30, 2009

Larry Berent, Senior Manager/Senior Attorney, MCI



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