How Are YOU Managing?

Companies today, both large and small, are faced with unprecedented challenges to success. Besides the many business decisions that must be made to keep ahead in this highly competitive global environment, you must keep up with a technical landscape that seems to shift almost daily. All the while you are under the constant scrutiny of increasingly intrusive regulatory agencies. All this means that managing a telecom operation today is increasingly complex.

For service providers, getting the right products to market at a price point that ensures profitable market acceptance, can spell the difference between success and failure.

Likewise, users of these services need to have confidence that they are spending for the highest value service that will enhance their overall mission, whether around the corner or around the world.

You need an expert to make that happen. You need International Telecom Management (ITM).

ITM was founded in 2000 to address these very issues. We are a boutique consulting firm that advises carriers, service providers, governments, NGO's, and increasingly, both large and small users, on the fast paced changes in the communications industry.


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